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why do we have a guy on the server named baby moe lester its sick and wrong

Maybe Mr. Jones can enlighten us... and let's not forget about their sick buddy that joined the server and continuously changed their name to things I wish not to repeat

Not only are they THREE-OF-A-KIND, but I believe all three are the same guy  :-X

And before I leave, I just have to ask ........ Why out of 32 players, were there only 5 people willing to take 15 seconds out of their game to voteban the player whose name is the main subject of this thread? :( I find it hard to believe only 5 of us, including bobert and myself, were sickened and offended by this. You all know me -- I've played this server for many years -- I tolerate most everything and I don't bitch about much of anything, but c'mon! You all know I really dig playing with you all, but I just I don't know what else to say -- it's a damn shame some of the bullshit that goes on here, yet everyone is trigger happy when they think someone's too accurate and they jump to ban them for "aim botting"  :o

Nowhere Man:

--- Quote from: Bonkers!! on January 29, 2017, 08:22:28 PM ---And before I leave,

--- End quote ---
Wait, I thought you left months ago, why are you back.

why don't you start your own forum, the bobertz/bonkers tf2 community, for some epic 1v1 battles and whomever loses has to change the toilet paper roll.


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