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Best way to kill the payload server after 11PM PST


The best way to make 32 players completely fucking exit this server after 11PM Sunday-Thursday is to vote for a non-standard map. Nothing kills the server faster and forces me to fucking stupid shit Skial or TN faster than this. I have no idea how the standard maps are weighted in the votes, but it's completely stupid to vote for any non-standard map at this time. Guaranteed server killer. Votes should be heavily weighted to standard maps at this time, or even totally limited to them. People may bitch about badwater, but it fills the server. Beerbowl and Swiftwater don't. At all. 

Swiftwater kills the server at any time...I don't know why people vote for it if they are going to leave  >:(

Yes, you're right. I need to go over the mapchooser settings, especially for late night/morning/early afternoon, that's when the server is struggling the most. I'll see what I can do.

(i agree with chuckster)

in all seriousness, i stopped donating because i usually get on after midnight CST and the server is dead.  why donate for nothing, right?  would greatly appreciate a fix of some sort.  you have the data, so it should be easy to glance at and remove the maps that kill the server.


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