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Donor kicking feature needs tweaking...


I've been a regular player on this server for around a month now. Many times I've been kicked for a donor who had a reserved spot when I just join the server and I was totally ok with that. I accepted that those who join the latest get kicked for donors which makes sense to me. Plus I haven't invested much time into the round so I wasn't upset. But as of today I was one of the first players that connected and top scored throughout the entire game just to be kicked as the most crucial final moments were left in the round.

Do you guys know how incredibly frustrating that is? I've been there since the start and played for my team to the best of my ability and yes I am a fucking tryhard. Trying hard is fun to me and I love winning. I love winning with a team. And then we lost. Who knows if I was a driving factor behind the loss. But the fact remains....why would someone who spent more than half an hour on the map deserve to get kicked? Even if I wasn't top fragging it would still piss me off because of all the time invested towards winning the round. I was so tilted by the fact that it actually happened like that and it completely ruined my TF2 experience for the day.

I'm ok with donators getting perks even if it just means buying a player slot. It keeps the server alive. But the kicking feature needs a rework. The end.

I highly suggest you spend 5 minutes to register for Verified Membership if you intend to play with us in the future. Don't worry it's completely free, and it should protect you from donor slot kick. It's not 100% immunity, but it's much higher than regular players.

To become a VM, just click this link:
and follow the instructions on the page.
You've already done all the work. You simply need to join our public Steam group ( ) and then enter your SteamID and click Submit on that form. Let me know if you need help.

As for kicking to make room, there are a lot of different ways to handle donor slots, and all have positives and negatives. Our current system is far from perfect as you mentioned, but for people playing frequently with us, the VM (and becoming a donator obviously) system should help a lot.

Done and thanks!

And you're all set. You should notice a difference in-game. ;)


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