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Please do something about the stacking.


Lets be curt here. I came to this server about a year ago and stayed mainly for the higher than average skill level because who doesn't enjoy a good game of tf2.

I won't name who, people should know who they are by now though don't really care at the expense of others. I can gladly take 2-4 stackers and maybe more when I have specific regulars on my team. But obviously when a server grows more and more both good or bad players becomes regulars and what happens when a group of them decides to just stick with each other every map (pretty much red team nearly every map change)?

Just by glancing over the current forum memberlist of donators and server admins I don't recognize any major offenders. And I can conclude the server owners don't play regularly because these days the stacking is so apparent it's ridiculous.

You can say sure when a kill ratio/threshold is passed team are scrambled after a round which somewhat helps but there should be something stopping this from even happening at map change or even mid match if that's what it takes.

To just throw an idea out -TN-'s server just auto assigns everyone as they join the server.

Just my opinion but I'm a believer in there is no stacking, there is simply try and don't try.

I've been playing this game with a lot of the regulars for years. (Starting elsewhere then moving here.) Most days I know 90% of the players on the server. I've seen teams with really good players get rolled. It's usually because half the team decides a majority of classes being snipers; spies and scoots are great for accomplishing goals...yeah, OK.

When a team is getting rolled, look at the class page. I bet there is a whole lot of "Me-Fortess" going on. 4 snipers, 3 spies, 2+ scoots, 1 or no medics. And people wonder why they get rolled/don't accomplish anything.

I admit it, I "stack". I've always preferred red, same with a lot of the people I have been playing with for years. At this late stage of TF2's life, I play more for the people than the game. So of course I'll join a team with particular people on it. The ones that make it bearable. Seeing Valve, in my opinion, has "ruined" TF2. It's not the game I bought and loved years ago. (Yes, I paid for it, so I have a right to complain about Valve changing it from a FPS to a CFS....Cluster F*** Shooter!!!)

Ok, I know, from a business standpoint what Valve did was genius, but from a players perspective, too much BS added to this game. I don't find it fun. Especially on a 32 slot server.

As you say, there are some pretty damned skilled players on the server. Generally it's a good mix on both sides. It's just a case of if people are actually trying or screwing around.

I recall recently someone claimed we stacked red before the round even started. Blu wiped the floor with our corpses in short order....and we were the "stacked" team? I simply looked at the class board and it was all evident why. Yup, try vs don't try!

I was on last night with Paladin.  There is definitely some stacking going on. 
But whatevs.  Part of the game play I guess.  When it gets bad, I just go play somewhere else for a bit.


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