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Love the new ability to nominate maps, however I think there are still a couple issues.

First, there used to be an automatic map vote that would initiate around the 7 minute mark on each map. This no longer happens. Now, the only way to vote is if you rtv. If you don't, the server just changes to a seemingly random map that was nominated.

Second, I think the server still needs to limit which maps are available when the player count is below 10 or 12. This used to be the case, with Badwater and Goldrush being the only maps available. Possibly those along with a couple other popular maps (frontier and barnblitz_pro), so we can actually fill the server.

Just my thoughts and observations!

Well, the way it should work is to try to integrate the maps with the most nominations (along with other random maps) to the next map vote. I need to double check the actual configs, but it should trigger when the timelimit reaches 5min or so. If it doesn't happen, then there might be a bug somewhere.
I definitely agree that the mapchooser should try to be a bit more smart about which maps it picks for voting. Right now, the current system doesn't do that. I'll see if I can combine another plugin with the current one.

We really need more feedback/suggestions on these changes, because the mapchooser might be one of the most important aspect for a successful server.

I really like it.  It's nice to have new fresh maps in the rotation!

My only suggestion (so far) is if it can be changed to use the F keys instead of the number keys.

Snake Doctor:
I like it as well. Works great and helps to eliminate playing the same maps over and over


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