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Hey, I was wondering if there was anyway we could get the nominate function put on the server, right now for the past week or so the map rotation seems incredibly stale. None of the new maps are in the voting rotation. The new maps seem really fun and at least something new, but we never play them because we need an admin to call a vote to play them. If we could nominate maps for the normal vote I think it would help this issue a ton. That said I don't know much about how the plugin works so if this is something that just wouldn't work like i think it would then never mind.

this sounds like a great idea! that way people could just choose what map they want instead of waiting for it to come around. it would be a good idea to also make it so you cant nominate maps that have been played recently.

+1 would be nice to have.

Moo Yes plz but 1st I think we should explain how nominate function works. 

Would love nominate on the server


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