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Request: Remove a Server Auto-Ban


I was trying to vote for the maps and hit F1 quickly.  Steam cloud apparently loaded my old config which has F1 and F2 bound to rcon commands.  The server automatically banned me.

Will you please remove me from the banned list.  As I no longer admin servers, I will try again to remove the rcon commands from my config.


If you have any questions please ask me.


I don't see your SteamID in our ban list. Please try again, if you still can't log back in, let me know.

Must have been a temp ban because I can join again.  Thanks for taking a look.

How do I go about getting a reserved slot?

RCON abuse usually lasts 60 min depending on how much a player tried to access it.
Donors get access to our TF2 reserved slots. You can get more information here:

Let me know if you have any questions, you can PM as well.


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