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Beerbowl is dropping players


The current version of Beerbowl is inaccessible to half the people playing most of the time, is there a way to revert back to the older one?  We had a full server Friday night but then half the people dropped.

Not sure who else had this problem, but when the newer beerbowl map was added to the server, I had to delete my local copy of beerbowl.bsp because the filename was conflicting (perhaps pl_beerbowl_rc1.bsp, but not 100% sure).  Once I did that, the next time I joined that map, it downloaded the version that is currently on the server and I could play. 

tldr;  At least for me, the root problem was that the old version of the map was the same filename as the new version.  Might be a different issue for others though.

I think it should at least be removed from the mapvote.  We had non-regular players or not-as-common people playing at the time that just all fell off.   The remaining 15 people that were in immediately rtv'd  into the new map (quickly) but by then server was pretty much emptied out.

I changed the map name so it should force everybody to re-download beerbowl_rc1.

Let me know if the map is still unplayable for some.


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