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Hey guys,

Just a quick note if you're wondering why the server isn't online.
After today's patch, Valve has changed something that crashes all SourceMod servers after a player connects.

I don't have an ETA as to when this issue will be resolved, I'm following SM and will update the server as soon as their devs have a new build.

Sorry about that and I'll post here again once the issue is solved.


New SM Build is being compiled.
ETA: Soon.

The server is back online after installing the new SourceMod version.
It should be working except for one big problem: Reserved Slots are not currently working.

The extension and plugin we're using are broken after the patch and will need to be updated/fixed.
I don't have an ETA for that at the moment, but I'm trying to figure it out. Otherwise we need to wait for a fix from the extension author.
I'll update this thread with more info later.

If you notice issues (except the Reserved Slots not working), please let me know. Thanks.

Still seeing some crashes even after installing latest builds.
I'll keep troubleshooting tonight to try to fix this.

Sorry about that.


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