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Spoofy griefing


The player commonly known as Spoofy on the payload server has been griefing quite a few players since he started there. We cannot kick/ban him without an admin present because he has a script to change his name to another players on the server. Or he leaves and reconnects before the ban/kick is initiated. We were just dealing with this as I am posting this. He's been harassing people for no reason. I've asked people to mute him, but it doesn't seem to work. Nam change unmutes people sometimes. But the reason it doesn't work is some people seem to encourage him so it is amplified at times.

I agree. He goes past playful ribbing and just gets mean for the sake of it. Tonight he was going as "HankeyPankey" and making harassing comments at all the female players. I feel making the server a hostile place to play will just kill the community.


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