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On April 3rd, the *New* NS2 server will disappear. I don't think many of you will even notice. Natural Selection 2 is a great game (with a poorly optimized engine sadly), but the devs took too long to get the game out, and haven't been able to keep/increase their player base.

It's actually pretty amazing how Valve still keeps TF2 relevant, even though the game is a lot older than NS2. Then again, TF2 is F2P and has a "thriving hats economy".

The other NS2 server (the old one) might remain for a bit longer, but not for long either. The *New* NS2 server was actually a separate cost from our TF2 servers, while the old one is already included, so running the old NS2 server doesn't actually cost more. Still, if nobody is playing on it, keeping it running is useless.

I'll let you guys know when the old server will be shut down as well.


Sad news for some of you (not that many, but still):
I'll be closing down the 2nd NS2 server in a few days.

Server will survive based on player traffic. We'll keep checking every month and consider if it's worth it to keep paying for it or not. Original post below:

I had some great plans for Natural Selection 2, unfortunately, the game never got enough support from its developers and the player base is just too small. With NS2: Combat coming soon, I'm afraid we're going to see even more NS2 servers closing down, the same way NS:CO killed the original NS mod back then.

I'll still keep the original (and yes, far less capable) NS2 server running, since it doesn't cost us anything more (it runs on the same machine as the TF2 servers), so we'll still be supporting NS2 for a bit longer. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get to work on a donor program like I planned.

I'm sorry again if you've been playing on this server a lot, but there's just not much interest left, especially in the US. It's unfortunate because I still believe NS2 is a great multiplayer game. I just got a very late and bad start, and a poor payment model. They should have gone F2P maybe.

The official shutdown date for this NS2 server is November 3rd.

OLD POST: *NEW* | NS2 | West Coast

You should notice a big performance improvement compared to our first NS2 server.
Please give it a try, and let us what you think.
We're planning on including Donor benefits, such as access to reserved slots and unique in-game badges for $5 a month. Donor membership would include access to all our game servers, which means our 2 NS2 servers and 2 TF2 servers.

Donor program for NS2 is NOT live yet!
We will let you guys know in this forum when we're ready.

Feel free to add your suggestions!
We're looking for feedback regarding the new server's performance and future Donor program.

Hoping to Try the new Server out.... once I can get in :)

Though, I must ask, Is this going to be a replacement server (If goes well) To the other NS2 Server?

It seems like it's a second server. During the free week a while ago for NS2, I was never able to get into the server since it was full every time I tried. Granted, it was during the weekend so traffic would be high.
Hopefully this server will be as successful as the first.

Hopefully, But We'll have to see has time goes by. :)

At the time of this post, BOTH Servers are Maxed out at 20/20 Players
Well Done Hyperion

New Server is going Great the past few days. Ive had no issues myself :)


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