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Even Though I love Jambi, It seems every time It comes up, Alot of people Request a New Map
Dropped from 20/20 People To around 12/20 When Map Changed.

I Figure to say Something or at Least open up a topic about it :)

Hmm, I havent gotten to play on a server with Jambi yet, but I noticed Hyperion was just on Jambi, and tried to join.

For some reason it kicks me for 'missing required mod'.  Might need to look into this ;).

Must be something with me, even after downloading it (And all the other Mods you guys have on there) from workshop and enabling them, it still says missing required mods :(.

Update2: Server just changed from Jambi, working fine now...

Hmm, this is strange.
It should download the map from the workshop for you if the server is on jambi.

Let us know if you still have that issue next time.

Jambi is a really cool map. It's so far the only community made map I think is close enough to official ones. There are a lot of other custom maps, but they're often not finished with textures missing or just big bugs or exploits.

Yeah, even after I downloaded it manually from the workshop it'd still kick me for missing mods.  It was pretty strange :p.

When I Load into The Server, Its not showing at all. Its not in the Voting List either For me. I don't think Its fully in the Game, or something corrupted


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