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Play NS2 for free this weekend!


The guys behind the asymmetrical strategy shooter Natural Selection 2 are offering you to play their game for free starting today until Sunday March 24th 1PM. If you've been on the fence (especially after the failure of Aliens Colonial Marines), this is your best opportunity to try the full game for free for a couple of days. And if you like the game, you can purchase it at 50% off!

There will be plenty of servers available during the event, but obviously, you're welcome to play on our NS2 server ( | NS2 | West Coast: IP: Unfortunately, there aren't any easy ways for us to offer current Donors access to reserved slots, heck even for us admins, we have to manually kick someone to enter (something we do only for "emergency purposes like hackers). Hopefully, the devs will work on reserved slots next!

If you're a new player, I recommend leaving Rookie mode and Show Hints ON in the options, as well as turning Camera Animation OFF (screen shakes). Then, you should spend a few minutes watching the first 4 tutorial videos under Training. It's probably a good idea to start playing Marines first, as Aliens are a bit more advanced to use. Avoid jumping in the Marine command station or Alien hive, as the commander position is very important to winning the game and requires strategy. Other players won't be happy if you don't know what you're doing either ;) Feel free to play commander if the server is low on players or even in the Explore mode in Training.

NS2 is a great game, and I really hope some of you will give it a shot during this weekend. One last thing, look for Rookie servers (in green in server browser), and players will be less likely to be mad if you're asking questions. Overall though, I find the community very helpful and civil; it may change a bit during the free weekend obviously ;)

Oh, and here's the latest trailer:

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