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1.0 and stats


Finally! NS2 is officially released, and version 1.0 is loaded and running on our 16 slot server.
We were running ns2stats addon on beta versions, but we had to take the mod off until the author updates the plugin. Unfortunately, it seems for now UWE has decided to unwhitelist the mod, which means any server with the stats plugin installed will not show up by default in the server browser. You have to tick show Community Content.

For now, we will run the server without ns2stats as we need to see how our server performs and also because we would like to make sure we get as many players as possible. We'll definitely want some kind of stats tracking in the future, and I'm sure we will see a lot of plugins (like in TF2) and mods (if you guys remember combat :) ).

There aren't currently any reserved slots, but we'll get them in as soon as we find a suitable mod.



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