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Servers Not Accepting Connections


There is a bug in today's update that prevents direct connections. Valve is working on a fix for this.

I'll update this thread as I have more information.

Update: Servers are back online!

Update: servers are updating and should be online soon.

This awesome update was brought to you by Valve.
"Valve, we know coding!"

We're still waiting for an ETA from Valve.
Sorry guys  :'(


--- Quote from: Plasma on August 17, 2012, 05:32:53 PM ---We're still waiting for an ETA from Valve.
Sorry guys  :'(

--- End quote ---
No worries lol.

Well, Valve's fix to stop the engine errors did nothing at all. Payload and Votation are still suffering from the same crashes. We're going to try to keep these crashes to a minimum, but unfortunately, Valve holds the key to this mess... and they're gone for the weekend.

Keep an eye on these forums, we'll keep you guys updated. The MvM servers are stable though, I guess that's something. Sorry again for the inconvenience... I wish Valve did some actual QA instead of having their customers do it for them.


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