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[Outdated Thread: We currently do not have any MvM servers.]
Reason: This mode, while fun, requires too much resources and only allows 4 players currently. Considering most of our community prefers playing on 32 slots server, we've decided to shut them down for the time being. You may still post this board if you'd like to see us host MvM servers again.

Valve has been working on this new mode for quite some time.
Do you guys think they delivered a great new addition to TF2, or is this custom map worthy, an official Saxton Hale? Is it a mode you see yourself play a lot in the following months, or just another sd_doomsday map?

What do you think of the Mann Up pay to play mode introduced? Are you guys going to pay $1 to get these hats? I'm very curious to hear your thoughts :) And before anyone asks, no, we can't run Mann Up servers. Valve has the monopoly on these; we can run the free version, or what they call Boot Camp.

Knowing Valve and how much time they spent on this mode, it's almost 100% sure they will keep releasing new missions, add new bosses, new Tour of Duties and a ton of new cosmetic rewards and items. They won't stop there.

Yes ofc. I will definitely play in the following months everyday if they can fix the queue time.   :D
I think this is much better than the Doomsday map. This is hella exciting but the free version might get kinda boring after many rounds. It is extremely cool to see the full upgrade version of different weapons. Also, the missions are pretty challenging if you don't have a party playing with you.
I might buy some tickets hoping to get cool rare items. It's kinda cheap comparing to the items in the Mann Co Store.

I LOVE THIS NEW MvM. Well Done Valve!  ;) ;) ;)

$1 is pretty reasonable if it means I receive a cosmetic reward at the end. I'll need to see the items first :)

As for having to wait in queue, we have our 2nd MvM server set to Private. Currently, only Donors have access to it, but we would like to open it to VMs when the excitement slows down a bit. We do set it to Public when it is empty too.

It is definitely much more interested and polished than doomsday... and it's obvious Valve wants to monetize this mode. We will see a lot more missions, difficulties and bosses... maybe even some special Tour of Duty Hardcore mode, where you have to pay $3 instead of $1, it is much more difficult, you lose your $3 if you lose, but the rewards are amazing and not trade-able. Ah Valve...

$3  ??? GG................

Hah, I don't know, I'm just speculating. Maybe not $3... but you never know. They do sell some hats for $10+ in their shop soo... :)


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