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admins changing maps.
« on: October 31, 2022, 02:15:14 PM »
hello folks,

Maybe theres a legit reason for this. Im just a plebe here and wouldnt be privvy to that info if so. But as a relatively regular player, a donator, Id like to know why.

Tuesday, playing one of the rare halloween maps that we get to play during a seasonal event an admin changed the map to upward. We had not even finished the first full round yet. And as is always the case, it killed the server.

 Thursday, server was down.
Friday the server was low in numbers. Admin then suddenly changed the map to upward. I guess with the thought it would fill it. It killed the server. As is the usual case with upward or badwater.

Saturday. Oprahs was dead. So the normal players there could have kept hyperion rocking for hours. Instead, again, in the middle of a map an admin changed the map. Sudden and random. No vote. Boom. As predicted, server died for the night.

 Im of the mindset that admins are there not as chief map changers. One of your admins regularly assigns himself this role. Often if the numbers are low he panics, changes map to upward or badwater and the server dies. Generally speaking, changing the map due to low numbers is a sure fire way to kill it. Let the server fill on the map we're on, then vote so players have a choice, then play that map. Admins are necessary of course. To deal with random people who are a nuisance, for one. Occasionally, you get a map thats buggy. Maybe the cart wont move. Admin very useful there. Outside of that, in my humble opinion, admins shouldnt be constantly changing the map.

Again, maybe theres a legit reason this happened 3x this week in almost identical circumstances. If so, my apologies for bringing it up. If not, someone should address this.