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MapChooser Advanced Alpha Testing
« on: November 17, 2011, 08:19:03 PM »
We've begun testing the updated MapChooser! On Rotation, you will now be able to vote for the next map before the end of each map. Payload will still use the old MapChooser while we iron out bugs and continue implementing features.

Nearly all of the changes we've made so far should be transparent. The MapChooser should appear and behave exactly the same as before. What we've changed is the way the maps are chosen. The new map selection process gives us a great deal of flexibility and offers solutions to problems such as server-clearing maps and map diversity.

In the spirit of "rotation", we're testing a hybrid map selection process on Rotation. The map vote options will appear as follows:
  • <Nextmap>
  • <Map after Nextmap>
  • <Random non-rotation map>
  • Extend
During peak hours, Rotation's MapChooser will traverse a 9-map rotation, while during off-hours it is reduced to 6 maps.

We're looking for feedback. If you have any, please post in MapChooser Advanced Feedback. Thanks.