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I believe my permanent ban for 'drama' 2 years ago was excessive.

Please consider this my formal application to become unbanned.

Your handy friend,

If ZED thinks it's unjustified, then it's probably unjustified.

Looks like everything is fine.

"We have reviewed the leaked code and believe it to be a reposting of a limited CS:GO engine code depot released to partners in late 2017, and originally leaked in 2018. From this review, we have not found any reason for players to be alarmed or avoid the current builds."

Still doesn't explain how the hackers managed to lock my admin application thread though  :-\

I was a little hasty in my original post. Really, no-one actually wants to be an admin. It's exhausting and not especially rewarding. I would like to work with the current admins and Plasma to bring the server back to modern standards with some simple changes.

Take a gander below and let me know how you really feel.

Can you provide some examples of your claims?
As you wish.

Issue #1 - Toxicity
There are several player/group feuds in this community. Some past ones have even caused players to quit playing on Hyperion. Trash talking is fine, but repeated direct insults should not be.

One current example:
women-tiger vs Ephemera (This is more than a 1-vs-1 issue)
I don't care about the past or petty things like who started it, who is worse, if its a 1-way issue, if it's retaliatory, etc.
When a person actively decides to make binds to insult somewhere, there's clearly a problem.
18 Mar 2020 16:41:52   Ephemera [ₖQ]   * Space_Human : tiger is ashamed of blowjobs because his mama used to suck dick in thailand to provide for his family
19 Mar 2020 17:15:08   Ephemera [ₖQ]   *SPEC* Junk_Shot_3 : noticed u gone. must have ataken women tigers spot at the glory hole
24 Mar 2020 15:44:20   Ephemera [ₖQ]   ᴴᴳ Stuperfox : isnt 'free buffet' what they call your mom woman tiger?
1 Apr 2020 17:54:42      Ephemera [ₖQ]   * Space_Human : tiger is ashamed of blowjobs because his mama used to suck dick in thailand to provide for his family
1 Apr 2020 17:54:54      Ephemera [ₖQ]   ᴴᴳ BIG CAULK : tiger can you make some less shitty binds for 2020
9 Apr 2020 17:57:00      Ephemera [ₖQ]   * Space_Human : tiger is ashamed of blowjobs because his mama used to suck dick in thailand to provide for his family
9 Apr 2020 17:57:30      Ephemera [ₖQ]   *SPEC* Junk_Shot_3 : noticed u gone. must have ataken women tigers spot at the glory hole

What do I suggest?
Zero tolerance on Personal or Directed insults with doubling consequences after warning. Mute someone if they're going to trigger you into becoming a repeat offender.
1st Offense Warning: 1 hour gag&mute
2nd Offense:   1 day gag&mute
3rd Offense:   2 day gag&mute   
4th Offense:   4 day gag&mute
5th and above:   8 day, 16 day, 32 day, ...

7 days of good behavior after an offense will reduce your consequence by 1 tier.

Issue #2 - Team Stacking
Right now is the worst it's ever been. People have stopped playing on Hyperion because of the blatant team stacking.
Here are some winrates of a few players that frequently stack on Blu or Red in the current iteration of Hyperion:
Blu: 60%, 62%, 63%, 67%
Red: 37%, 36%, 32%, 29%

What do I suggest?
Auto-assign on map change with 2 or 3 friend groupings. Maybe not every day? (Stacked Sundays anyone?)
Social aspects are crucial for many people to enjoy playing TF2. You should be allowed to play with your friends. I will create an addon that allows you to pick 1 or 2 people you would like to team with. If those people also choose you back, you will be put into 2 or 3 person groups during the auto-assign.

Issue #3 - Map Voting
To be fair, the issue of admins setting maps shouldn't even be an issue if the system was setup properly.
Currently, you can often expect something like the following situation to happen:
Map vote pops up:
Badwater - 8 votes
Metropolis - 7 votes
Pier - 5 votes
Map changes to Badwater. After loading, admin changes to something else.

What do I suggest?
Turn on map nominating and enable vote run-off. Fixed. Easy.
Also, limit maps to 2 rounds, instead of by time limit.

Issue #4 - Fix All-talk
All-talk can be great, sometimes. Not all the time. It just currently doesn't work.

What do I suggest?
Enable !votealltalk. Turn off alltalk player threshold so it doesn't instantly disable after a vote when the server is full. Easy.

Issue #5 - Banning Baddies
I'm not sure why it's currently so difficult to ban people. Usually I hear things like "It's not working" or "He's not in the admin panel list" etc.

What do I suggest?
Type status in console, copy SteamID, apply weed killer straight to the roots?

Issue #6 - New Payload maps
New variety can be interesting.

What do I suggest?
Setup FTP access so admins can upload maps? Map voting probably won't work with these, but I would assume admins have rcon access and don't have to rely entirely on ingame admin ui's.

Issue #7 - These forums are dead.
Forums are dead. These forums are dead. Is there any interest in using something like Discord as a different communication channel?

This needs to happen.

With only one condition. You must give up the Hot Hand slapping. It has become too powerful, too humliating

#WAGZ2020 Limited Time Bonus
I will create a special 20 second pre-game/loading-time minigame where all players who have loaded into the game will be teleported to the middle of the map to engage in a Hot Hand only slapping bonanza! And YOU can cause humiliation.

Just tap it in,


The payload server admins are incompetent can be better. This has resulted in the server becoming a toxic place where certain individuals continue to cyberbully each other to the detriment of everyone. There's also a lack of ability to perform basic functions, some as simple as setting the next map or banning cheaters before they get bored and leave on their own.

Please consider this my formal application to become an admin on the Hyperion Gaming TF2 Payload server.

Your handy friend,

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