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General Discussion / Re: About women tiger.
« on: September 14, 2020, 03:39:58 PM »
And if it wasn't sad enough, women tiger is making alts and using vpns to connect, just so he can continue throw temper tantrums.


Apparently the gameme link doesn't work. Here's the steam profile.

General Discussion / About women tiger.
« on: September 13, 2020, 07:54:38 PM »
In my opinion, and I believe a fair chunk of the regulars will agree, its time for women-tiger to be permanently banned from the server.

After disappearing for a good couple months, he's finally returned, and immediately started up with his typical racist bullshit. He's used the N word in his name several times, and Valve has even reset his profile name because of it. I can only assume he's changing his name like this as nearly the entire server has him muted and its the only way he can attack people now that he can't use sprays.

This imgur link has several screen shots of his bullshit. Yes, most of these are older, but the first one and the last 3 are all from the last few days he's been back.

This server has a great community, we don't need someone who is openly racist running around like they own the place. His behavior would have him banned on any other server, and it has, so why not here? Every time we've vote banned him it passes with a high number of "Yes" votes, so clearly people want him gone.

Please, lets just be done with him once and for all.


I've been reading about this for the last hour or so. Doesn't seem like there is any solid proof hackers can execute remote code, its all pictures and no video demonstrations.

Its also source code from 2018 with rumors  that its been out there for just as long, and that its probably responsible for all the bots that plagued casual. On top of that it isn't even the entire source code, just a larger chunk of it. You can't compile it in to a working game.

On top of that, I really doubt Steam as a whole is so vulnerable that a game could give hackers full control over someones Steam profile. If it was that bad Valve would have said something by now I'm sure, as they puts everyone at risk.

Mute someone if they're going to trigger you into becoming a repeat offender.

This I take issue with as well. "Just mute them" isn't a solution either. There are many ways to annoy someone without saying or typing a word.

Ah hell, I'll spoil another image.

Hasn't said a word in chat, but I'm pretty sure that would elicit a less then happy response from someone if they saw that.

Ya ya, double post. Sue me.


Issue #1 - Toxicity
There are several player/group feuds in this community. Some past ones have even caused players to quit playing on Hyperion. Trash talking is fine, but repeated direct insults should not be.

One current example:
women-tiger vs Ephemera (This is more than a 1-vs-1 issue)
I don't care about the past or petty things like who started it, who is worse, if its a 1-way issue, if it's retaliatory, etc.
When a person actively decides to make binds to insult somewhere, there's clearly a problem.
18 Mar 2020 16:41:52   Ephemera [ₖQ]   * Space_Human : tiger is ashamed of blowjobs because his mama used to suck dick in thailand to provide for his family
19 Mar 2020 17:15:08   Ephemera [ₖQ]   *SPEC* Junk_Shot_3 : noticed u gone. must have ataken women tigers spot at the glory hole
24 Mar 2020 15:44:20   Ephemera [ₖQ]   ᴴᴳ Stuperfox : isnt 'free buffet' what they call your mom woman tiger?
1 Apr 2020 17:54:42      Ephemera [ₖQ]   * Space_Human : tiger is ashamed of blowjobs because his mama used to suck dick in thailand to provide for his family
1 Apr 2020 17:54:54      Ephemera [ₖQ]   ᴴᴳ BIG CAULK : tiger can you make some less shitty binds for 2020
9 Apr 2020 17:57:00      Ephemera [ₖQ]   * Space_Human : tiger is ashamed of blowjobs because his mama used to suck dick in thailand to provide for his family
9 Apr 2020 17:57:30      Ephemera [ₖQ]   *SPEC* Junk_Shot_3 : noticed u gone. must have ataken women tigers spot at the glory hole

Ok. Clearly this part is for stirring up shit, which it has. Gratz. Literally all of those could have had Ephemera's name removed and the post would have held its point, but you've chosen to keep it in.

This is a sample of a larger post I'm working on, pointing out actual problems with real toxicity, however I'll spoil it early.

Can't really blame her for a few mean binds when this is the kind of stuff being said in chat, which goes largely unchecked, and heck, is largely encouraged by others as well.

Just really ironic to have a section about people being toxic for the hidden purpose of being toxic

General Discussion / Re: Add new options to voting
« on: March 03, 2019, 07:22:10 PM »
+1. I'm to the point that the presence of an Admin who's willing to change the map is almost a requirement for me to play anymore. With the map vote often almost always spitting out an option for Goldrush or Badwater, and with how they seem to be weighed more heavily then other maps, the server normally doesn't last long after the admins who will change nextmap leave.

IMO the map rotation needs to fix the maps that wont load properly, like the one that will load a random map if voted for, and maps that aren't part of rotation need to be added, like Metropolis, Pier, Flowerlab, Escarpment and a few others. Plus, if its possible, I think Goldrush and Badwater should either be removed from rotation after the server fills past 24 players, or at least be weighed less and show up in the vote less.

Fixing the issue of map rotation would be a huge step in helping the server stay alive a lot longer then it currently does, and might even draw back people who have left. I know I would stay on a lot longer on weekends if it means I can play other maps without needing admins on, since they normally leave before I have to quit.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourselves
« on: June 15, 2014, 02:40:50 PM »
Hey, I've been playing on the TF2 payload server for nearly a month now. Great group of people

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