*AuthorTopic: TF2 Payload Server reached the Top20 rank worldwide!  (Read 3748 times)

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TF2 Payload Server reached the Top20 rank worldwide!
« on: August 10, 2011, 05:48:41 PM »
[smg id=5 type=full align=left caption="From 5,700th to 15th under a month"]

A month already! Yes, our TF2 Payload server has been online for a month Since then, a lot has happened, both on the server and on the website. We've been working really hard to make sure we deliver an awesome Payload server. It seems we are doing something right, since we are getting more and more traffic and new regulars every day. Best of all, our GameTracker rank has been going up steadily, and we are a little bit proud to announce that we have breached the Top20 wall a few days ago.

We know this rank doesn't mean much. Servers rise and fall quickly. However, it tells us we might be able to expand sooner than expected. And that's very exciting! We want to provide additional servers with more game types and more maps. All our future servers will run the same GameMe stats, meaning you can compete in the rankings while playing other game types. Obviously, all the current and future modifications will be available cross-servers.

If you enjoy coming back on our server(s), please come say hi in our forums. We are always looking for feedback and ideas to improve both the server and the website. If you're interested in helping us grow, you can contact us at this email address.

As usual, stay tuned and keep pushing the cart!
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