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Complains/Bans / Recent bans were fair?
« on: August 22, 2014, 11:48:05 PM »
Let me first say that I am completely neutral so i am not being bias towards anyone. I have seen these 4 individuals being banned. Can anyone tell/show me what they have done to deserve this ban? John from Sweden just posted the names of the people that were online and playing in the server while he disconnected. Did these individuals do something to make John leave the server during that session thus deserving the ban? If so, what did they do? If not, then why were the individuals listed by John banned and not the others that just happen to be offline? Just some food for thought. If it was for team staking then technically shouldn't RNG people be banned too? This recent rule made by Dave:

"Also, team stacking is against the rules. Playing with friends is not against the rules. But if you decide to clan up and stack a team with 4+ clan members, then it is team stacking"

RNG has a ton of players. The server can easily have 4+ rng members in each team. Where would a connecting rng member go? This can apply with any clan. Would this newly connected player fear of a ban and should disconnect? That is not really a good way to make the server friendly. Going back to the bans of these players. Was the ban issued because of the teamstack? Well if you guys have not known, these people have a UGC background. I wouldn't expect anything less from them looking from the picture posted by Vic-Dog in another thread named "ENC Team Stack". Another point, a while back, RNG was also up for debate for team stacking. The debate died down for one sole purpose. While we may teamstack, we usually NEVER win. That is how the discussion died. Now we have this ENC clan teamstacking, but also winning which contradicts what Dave posted recently:

"Acting like a "douchebag" is also against the rules, believe it or not. If you're making other people feel uncomfortable or making their experience unenjoyable, then you may get banned for it (this doesn't include winning a lot). We (mostly I) don't give warnings for this kind of behavior."

People were complaining that they were bullying. How so? I was in all sides of the spectrum (in their team and the opposing team) and did not hear or see any bullying. Yes, I did say someone was taunting me in the other thread but that can be that oddball from the group, you know. So i can say i only had issues with one person affiliated with that clan. If the people who claim to bully them provide some evidence I would surely appreciate it. Yes, I understand the stereotype they are showing but I have seen plenty of that by individuals. If anyone would have to be punished for being a "douchebag" it is me. Probably the whole server knows me as the person who trolls and/or is the most useless player in the team. I have seen people disconnect after I kill them in a certain manner that might not be the most appealing. In fact, recently I renamed myself to "Lazy Ass Engineer" and would just sit around using that new engineer taunt and do absolutely nothing. I think my actions are more damaging to the team than what this ENC has done. ENC clan certainly pushed the cart and all of that while I went and do stupid stuff.

And I want to remind you guys this is coming from a person who is not biased. In fact, I am very good buddies with Enforcer (maybe not for long after he sees this  :'( I hope this doesnt affect that). I am not taking a position here but questioning the bans more than anything else.

General Discussion / Collector's chemistry set?
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:34:42 AM »
I have seen a collector's professional killstreak strange pomson. Is it possible to make strange collector's? If so, What are the steps to making it like this? I want to put a collectors quality on my professional skullcutter. I just get the completed chemistry for it and just apply it to my professional strange skullcutter or must I remove professional killstreak then put collectors THEN add professional kit? I would hate to remove the kit since it was pretty expensive to make.

Edit: I believe you cant apply it to a weapon. The set just creates the weapon instead of letting you pick a weapon. Oh well. Sorry for making this thread.

General Discussion / High cpu usage+low gpu usage/low fps?
« on: November 02, 2013, 11:43:30 PM »
Why do I get such low fps in tf2? Gpu usage is around 20-30 percent MAX while CPU is around 50-60 on ALL 4 cores ??? I dont know about you but thats too much. I get around 30-40 fps during heavy fights  ??? I would get more fps with my old gtx 460 768mb. There is definately something wrong.

My system specs:
AMD Phenom x4 II 955 @4.1ghz
GTX 770 2gb stock
12GB ddr3 1600mhz

I mean, my phenom should easily be able to handle tf2. I run max settings including AA at 1080p.
When I play crysis 3, cpu usage goes higher like around 80's but gpu usage is almost always 95+.

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