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New BETA maps (temporary)


So I've setup the CP server as a BETA maps server for just a few days. You guys can jump on and test the maps, they're on a rotation every 30min. Both are very alpha, missing a lot of textures and might be buggy.

The new PL map might be interesting, it's a two stage map. With 32 players, it might be really crowded...
The RD map is actually a new mode. It's a mix between CTF and something else? Each team has robots roaming around their bases, you have to kill robots to collect cores and there's also a flag/core behind lasers you need to grab and bring back to your base. The team that scores 300 first wins. It's a fun CTF variant... it might be interesting with full server. Again, probably not suited for 32 players though.

The main issue right now is that the maps are far from done. Textures and skybox are missing, and they're probably not balanced. Oh well, I figured you guys would want to test them for a few days, and the CP server is always empty lately anyway.

Let me know what you guys think.

(Again, this is temporary. This server won't be Beta maps 24/7 forever)

I was wondering where I can play the BETAs.  :)

If our temporary server is empty, you can also find Valve official beta servers and other community servers running the beta maps pretty easily.
Valve also added a special Beta quickplay mode, if you click Start Playing on the main menu, then tick "Play Beta Maps" at the bottom.

Well, the beta maps are just way too unfinished at this point to remain on live servers.
I've reverted all changes made to the CP server, so it's back to it's regular mapcycle.
As I posted last time, you can still find Valve official servers that run these beta maps 24/7 from the Quickplay menu in-game.


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