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So, CP server is a failure...

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Well, we tried a CP server, and it is rarely to never used. At least when it was PL, it was full sometimes, a lot more than CP. I've tried to seed CP, and have gotten it going, but it seems after a few key people leave, the server dies in short order. I'd love to play CP, but really get burnt out seeding, just to have it die after a short period of time.

So, what I am thinking is, maybe go back to 2 PL servers, but make the second a "no random critz", and possibly, only 24 players server. Out of boredom, I've been playing 24 slot servers, and find it rather enjoyable. The spam factor is not nearly as annoying......still annoying, but not nearly as much.

Is this something we could consider? Would others like to see this? Speak up, either way. Your input helps determine what happens.


Or, we could we try a mixed map server maybe? Still no randoms and 24 but a mix of maps. I realize it would have an effect on quick-play but I think we have enough of a community we don't need to rely on quick-play. And frankly, quick-play has done squat to help CP, so I don't think it's really needed.

I guess it would be "a regulars" server. Something for those who frequent Hyperion and just want change.

Well, when Chainspell would gather us up to fill the server, it was great. The server stayed filled for hours. But after he has been gone for so long, yea it has been dead. I dont know how hard it would be if it would be a mixed server with both Payload and CP. That would be great to switch from Payload to CP without a major decline in players.

I agree with wolfpup, a 24 person server would be great without random crits would be great. Some of the maps like hoodoo and barnblitz kinda suck on the 32 person server cause the maps aren't designed for that many players. When this is the case you can't effectively play certain classes like scout and spy and it's just a mindless spamfest. Whether it be a mix of purely payload I'd be down.

I feel like the second server will always just be a place to wait until you can get into the main server. When I'm waiting to get in, I'm almost always playing koth because Payload requires too much of a time investment. You can't just leave a game if you get into a server if its a Payload server unlike a koth which is essentially just a killfest/warmup that you can leave whenever. However, I still think it should be a 24 person server because 32 person koth is eh.

Thank you all for sharing ideas for the 2nd server.
It didn't work unfortunately, there are many reasons, some we don't have any control over (quickplay changes).

I'm currently traveling for another week, so I can't really spend too much time online, but I'll definitely post my thoughts here when I come back home!


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