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With only dustbowl, gorge and mountainlab it gets somewhat boring. Unfortunately the other official maps (Gravelpit, Egypt, Steel, Junction) makes it hard to keep the server full during the day, and usually empties out the server /sigh. But soon we will be testing out new custom attack/defense maps!

We won't be adding 5CP maps for now as the player-type is really different for 5CP vs A/D. With 5CP you have to both attack and defend, and the rounds are slower and longer (10mins everytime a point is capped). This is the same reason why people who play PL also do not like PLR maps. 5CP is just a category for a different type of playerbase--which we would like to tap into--someday...

So here are some interesting Attack/Defense maps, post your own suggestions as well. and dont forget to vote!!!




Morra's Castle




How about a 24h dustbowl server? No way?

Snake Doctor:
An old favorite of mine is Degroot Keep. Melee CP map.

As much as I also like degroot for that interesting melee twist on tf2, it would more than likely be a server killer because that's a very unique niche map.

@Nico hehe there's too many 24/7 dustbowl already.

- removed CaveIn as that's a 5CP map
- removed Jinx as the textures have not been optimized, sudden huge decrease in fps in some angles, also map is very convoluted and confusing.


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