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Complaints and Bans Information Thread
« on: September 15, 2011, 02:05:27 PM »
Complaints and Bans

This is an information thread for complaints and bans.


If you have a complaint against another player, you may send an email to admin@hyperiongaming.org . Do not post on the forums about complaints toward another player. Here are the guidelines:
  • Before you submit a complaint, read our Server Rules.
  • Include the player's in-game name and SteamID (ie. STEAM_0:0:12345). You can find the player's SteamID in-game by typing status in console
  • Describe the issue
  • Include links to materials such as pics, videos, and demos
Please be objective when submitting a complaint. A heavily opinionated message will only cloud the issue.

Ban Appeals:

You can submit a ban appeal directly on our SourceBans page here. Read the first two guidelines below before submitting a ban appeal.

You may also post in this forum. Here are the guidelines:
  • Before you post, check our SourceBans page for information on why you were banned.
  • Read our Server Rules.
  • Include your name and SteamID
  • Describe why you should be unbanned

Submit a Ban:

If you have definite proof against a cheater or hacker, you can submit a ban directly on our SourceBans page here. Please be sure to include a demo, or links to videos or pics.

See this thread for how to record a demo.
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