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I wasn't planning on responding to this post, given the likelihood of you being either a butthurt player or Reckless (the ban of his alternate account was largely due to me), but in the off-chance that you truly believe I am hacking, I'll give you a proper response. I'll put a little bit of effort into this so that if anyone does suspect me of hacking, I can refer them to this post.

I looked up his steam account and it seems the pattern is all well known from his bans across multiple other community servers.

I'm actually quite open about this fact, having discussed it with multiple Hyperion admins. I've played TF2 for a long time, and when I was a naive fifteen-year old I decided to troll people on community servers with lmaobox. You'll see that those bans really don't continue after 2015, since I was planning on quitting the game after doing so. Not the best track record I suppose, but I've cleared this issue with both Enforcer and Smile. Thankfully the admins here were very understanding.

Since we're on the topic of my TF2 history, I guess I'll add that I played UGC highlander in iron, steel, and silver before I quit. I didn't spend all my time pubbing and was actively getting better at the game.

Here's a trimping montage I uploaded to my channel some time ago:

And here is something I did that nobody else has been able to replicate:

I say these things not to brag, but to simply establish myself as someone who is genuinely good at this game and has spent years playing it, despite my somewhat troubling history.

He uses the huntsman and barley even peeks before he shoots with his AIMBOT.

I'm seriously doubting you've watched me play the game for any extended period of time. On Hyperion there's sixteen enemy players jammed into a small choke on most payload maps. My play style consists of spamming arrows into these chokes at head level. The probability of actually hitting a player is rather high, which is why I do it. I don't need to fully peek a corner to be able to spam an arrow on a map which I'm already familiar with from years of playing this game. It's a little thing called gamesense, and if my play-style is so utterly perplexing to you, then you probably don't have any.

He uses the huntsman with the aimbot because its hard to question projectile aimbot hacks, because if the other player moves he can still miss, Providing the illusion that Mythril is a legit player.

The whole point of a projectile aimbot is to hit people while they're moving. Speaking as someone who has used a projectile aimbot in the past (as I've stated above), they have predictive capabilities which allow them to hit people within a certain range with fairly high accuracy. You'll see that I spend very little of my time actually aiming, since hitting long range shots with certainty is impossible. I simply aim at head level and cross my fingers. At close range, the hitbox of the huntsman will take up your whole screen, you'd have be a terrible player to actually miss.

Now why would I need to provide any illusion that I'm a legitimate player? Have you not seen me market gardening? Jumping? Trimping? Do you suppose I'm hacking there? One of my best friends is a UGC Platinum scout who won highlander a couple seasons back. I beat him with the huntsman in a DM. I am good at this game.

He also uses wall hacks with a material hack, because he purposely picks other snipers out of a huge crowd when he barley if never sees the field of view.  Huntsman has no zoom so there is really no way you can constantly shoot an opposing sniper without knowing where they are.

I spam arrows. I have gamesense. I know where snipers are most likely to be on each and every choke of every map in this payload rotation. If I see a sniper, I shoot an arrow. Maybe it hits, maybe it doesn't. If you get killed by one of my arrows at anything longer than medium range then I there's a high chance that I wasn't intending to hit you -- unless you're bad at the game and choose to stand still.

I don't "constantly shoot" opposing snipers. If I see you, I will shoot. If you peek a corner, I will probably guess that you will re-peek and shoot another arrow. Again, it's gamesense. To assume that I need a scope to see other snipers is idiotic.

Mythril is the biggest cheater, and if you can't see it then you are blind.

I'd say you're the blind one, since you think it's impossible to spot snipers from a distance without a scope.

I'll wrap this up by saying you haven't posted a single bit of evidence that would support your accusation. I'd like to see a full demo of my purported hacking. No videos, no selectively edited bullshit. I hit lucky shots, that's just part of the play-style.

However, if you do intend to edit a bunch of my frags together, do send it to me, as it would make a wonderful frag video on my youtube.


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