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General Discussion / Re: Story anyone??
« on: May 09, 2012, 08:03:26 PM »
a baby carrot.

Thank you for relaying feedback from players Torank :)
As you said, it would be nice if they came forward themselves, but it's still an important issue we can talk about now.

It would be nice to define exactly what dead alltalk means.
1). Dead players can talk to dead and live players on their team and chat with live players on both teams.
2). Dead players can chat with live players on both teams, but cannot talk.
3). Dead players can chat only with their team, and cannot talk.
4). Dead players can chat only with their team and can talk to their team.
5) etc...

As Fernplant pointed out, if we any of the above, it will be more difficult for spies to do their job effectively. I like the fact that spies can take out targets that are by themselves without anybody noticing, especially using the Eternal Reward (*DEAD*: WATCH OUT GUYS, SPY IS ME!!!). It also becomes a lot more interesting because you rely on your live teammates to spot spies (Plasma: Spy just killed our medic, watch out!).

Here are few things that come to mind for me:
a). We're running 32 player servers. Dead alltalk might make it more difficult for "alive" players to communicate with other still alive players (such as a medic/heavy pair, spy+spy teams, etc...) Too many players talking at the same time.
b). It might encourage trolling. A sniper kills Player A. Player A gets really mad while dead and spams the chat (because he's dead, he's got nothing else to do atm).
c). ?

I like the way it currently works. Dead chat/talk is fine on public servers, and we're running public servers (32 players at that), but I think keeping it off increases skill level slightly. Spies (and other classes too, like snipers even engies a little) rely on the element of surprise. We have already restricted dead spectator mode to your teammates only for that very reason. I think enabling dead chat/talk goes against that.

About asking players their opinions with votes. It's a good idea, unfortunately too few players come on the forums, so the poll wouldn't be really useful. Now I agree we should give more reasons to come check out the forums, but that's another topic.

Again, we will look for options, and maybe we can find a good compromise. If you have played on servers with dead chat/talk enable, post your thoughts.

These are all very good points!

How did they set it up (can dead players talk/chat with everybody?)

The servers that come to mind when I think of dead talk are TN and skial. They both have it set up so that it's not quite alltalk. I'm 99% sure they have their settings the same as each other's servers. I joined TN earlier this evening to make sure before I posted this. They have it set so that you can everyone's chat text when they're dead and for voice, you can only hear your own team's. They only time they have alltalk enabled is at the end of the round. skial can actually have alltalk on if people vote for it in the votemenu, but otherwise, it's set to the way I described.

If you were killed by a good spy, your warning to the team would likely be too late to be useful by the time you finished typing. And if you were killed by a bad spy, they are likely to die soon anyway. And if you have good pyros, spies are already screwed. ;D

Most people are actually pretty quiet, even if they have a mic. We can... 'deal with'... anyone who abuses deadtalk. It's a different matter than dead spectating entirely. Being able to see the location of every enemy is practically cheating. With deadtalk, you only relay what you already know. Besides, players can already talk while dead with TS/Vent/Skype if they really wanted to.

Hmm, this is true, too.

Speaking of which!

We don't have this plugin. ;)

lol, pretty much every time I typed that in chat, I said, "oops" or said something in voice chat. I bound that to F2 (and a variation of it to F4) and F1 is my Friends overlay hotkey. T_T  I was getting used to hitting F2 while in the trade servers that when I wanted to check my friends list, I'd hit the wrong button. D:

Oh and,"Please do not attempt to communicate with the deceased on this server. Mediums, ouiji boards, scrying, and necromancy are prohibited." :D


General Discussion / Re: Story anyone??
« on: April 24, 2012, 11:46:53 AM »
for a doughnut (I had to look up what Tim Hortons was. I heard of it, but I don't think I've ever seen one).

I do see some servers have I guess "dead talk" enabled, but it kind of ruins gameplay for spy classes, not like everyone hates the spy enough already. Here are some off the top of my head thoughts of how it can affect gameplay:

  • The other team will be able to call out "Hey Player1, turn around there is a spy behind you." with the advantage of being able to jump to any player and have a 360 camera view around them
  • Warn the team of impeding flanks
  • Let your teammates know where the red Spy/Scout is near your spawn that is constantly taking out your teles

Coming from earlier FPS like Counter Strike (bhop ftw) I grew up playing where you can't hear your dead teammates so I'm not surprised or shocked that it's not enabled on Hyperion. If Hyperion decides to put the mod in then I won't complain nor will I whine if it's not enabled, perhaps there should be a poll on the website where they can just vote w/o registration to get a feel for what people want.

As a former CS player, I know where you're coming from. I absolutely hate alltalk, even on TF2, because I don't like the other team hearing things like we know where their spy is going (and then have him change directions) or that we're coming in with an uber. I'm a little more open to the "dead talk" on TF2, though, because you respawn relatively quick and it's not as if you're sitting out for the remainder of a round and telling your team where everyone is, like CS where you're dead until the next round and people ghost until the new round.

I think a lot of TF2 servers try to compensate for having dead talk by disabling certain camera views, like free chase camera (it's on in our servers, though) and view of the enemy team (which we have off).

Also I blame torankusu.


So I've been letting people know for a while that our servers do not allow the dead to communicate with the living. I started doing this because people didn't notice that they weren't seeing dead players' chat or hearing them via voice chat while they were alive (even a couple regulars didn't realize this) and I didn't want them to get frustrated that no one was listening or let them continue to waste their time. People do it a lot, especially to give out spy warnings right after they die.

A couple reactions to this news were surprise that our server didn't have this enabled because "most servers do" (I don't know about most, but I know a lot of them do) and one person who used to play here more often even got mad about it. Well, he seemed mad -- he was swearing and talking about how stupid it was that we didn't have it enabled -- and he directed it at me (as if I had control over that).

Personally, I'm okay with how the server is right now, but I do like being able to communicate to the team when I'm dead. If there are any concerns about quickplay requirements, it looks like enabling alltalk doesn't affect quickplay, so since it's like a step down from alltalk, I think allowing players to hear/read dead players' chat will be okay.

Anyway, I try to encourage people to post on the forums about the stuff they mention to me, not only to get the forums a little busier, but also because I think it's important that their opinions get heard and not just by one admin (I mean whoever's in the server, not just me). xP They're not really doing it, though, so I'm posting this on their behalf. If we want more players to comment on this topic, I'll see about getting people in this thread.

Suggestions / Re: Trade Forum?
« on: April 18, 2012, 12:08:18 AM »
Trade servers... rotten hives of spam and villainy.
Yeah, I have been frequenting them lately. I have never used the mute function on so many people in one server until I started trading and it's too bad they don't have more admins available. Speaking of which, if we ever got a trade server, as I like to trade away my duplicate items, I would be happy to hang around in it. I server hop between trade servers right now, but if we started one, it'd be my main server. xP

Also, I have unfortunately never bothered to trade, so I'm not sure what you guys need or how it would work. If you have ideas, I'd be happy to read them.
I'm not sure if you meant for a server or for the forums, but here are some things I've seen from trade servers (I don't go to trade forums, but I think it's as easy as posting what you want or want to sell and people getting in touch with you):
  • There's a plugin that's used to allow players to see each other's backpacks (inventories) provided that their inventory and profile are not set to private and they leave the option to disable HTML MOTD unchecked (this is under Advanced Options, if you're wondering). I believe this is it.
  • Some trade servers disable seeing the voice commands ("Spy!", "MEDIC!", etc.) as they'll be pushing advertisements out of the chat and it would cause people to spam them more so they're seen.
  • They're usually 24/7 of a small map.
    • The two servers that I visit the most, Ozzy Furocity and Reddit's trade server, use trade_plaza and trade_minecraft_b38 respectively. I like both, but I've been hanging around the minecraft one a little more this last week because they have the Headless Horseman spawning every 10 minutes or so and I've been trying to get more of his haunted metal, heh. Also, I think it's cool that it changes things up every 10 minutes so that everyone's fighting a boss.
    • On maps like trade_plaza it's easier to spawn camp because there's only one way in and out of spawn. Ozzy Furocity added some plugin that has an orb that floats over the door and it deals dmg to enemies who get within a certain range. You can still get camped, but at least you don't have a sentry sitting in right in front of the door and campers outside are easily dealt with if you have an uber. I thought it was neat and it would be a cool idea if we ever end up using a map where there's only one exit that easily campable.
    • Instant respawn is on
  • Alltalk is on and you can read what the dead are saying so that being dead doesn't affect communication during trades.
  • Servers I go to have messages that pop up periodically to not spam.
  • Haven't seen this on a trade server yet, but I'd like to suggest giving players the option to voteban/kick/mute in case an admin isn't around (and I think this should be available in our other two servers, too).
Hmm, that's all I could think of for now.

Suggestions / Re: Trade Forum?
« on: April 17, 2012, 07:17:56 PM »
I support this. xP

Even though we don't have many people posting right now, maybe this could get the players more involved. I think we've always had a couple players come in and want to trade, but I've been seeing it a lot more lately. Maybe we could refer them to a trading section on the forum to get more traffic.

If we ever start up a trade server, I'd definitely be in there, haha.

Edit: I didn't see there was a thread about starting a trade forum already. It's been inactive for a while, though.

General Discussion / Re: Story anyone??
« on: April 16, 2012, 04:35:56 PM »
my magic wand

Servers Feedback / Re: Map votes.
« on: April 09, 2012, 07:57:35 PM »
Thanks Torank for relaying the info. This is something we hear often, and we're always changing settings around a bit to see if we can add a bit more map diversity without scaring away players that enjoy these "popular" maps. Dave has been modifying the way our mapchooser plugin works a bit, so hopefully, the badwater/goldrush/upwards cycle won't happen too often.

Keep in mind, we've also setup the 2nd server: Payload Votation to be the server with the most map diversity including Payload Races maps plr. The general idea is to have a fixed Payload (and plr) rotation heavily influenced by player votes. Now I know the 2nd server is far from being as active as the Payload server, but we're trying hard to change that. If you want to play other maps, and have some spare time, please feel free to jump on the 2nd server and help us seed. It is quickplay enabled, and usually with 6-10 players on, it fills up pretty fast.

Finally, regarding the "the maps seem shorter" comment, it really depends on the different TF2 communities. Our mp_timelimit (map play time) is between 30 and 35min for most Payload maps. Payload Races (plr) maps are shorter: 20-25min because they usually become long boring stand offs with 32 players. I know some communities have their mp_timelimit really high: 45min+. From personal experience, we've noticed that 30-35min timelimits is a good balance. Players get the chance to at least play attack and defense once, get coordinated and learn to play with each other. One thing I've noticed on very long timelimit servers is teams become very unbalanced after a while. Players on the losing team either switch or just leave, and that means the autobalance plugin has to kick in a lot more. When the map changes a bit more often, teams are a bit more balanced at least in the beginning as everybody loads the map and joins a team. There are other reasons for why we use this timelimit, but we're open to listen to reasons we should change it too. As usual, we listen to feedback and nothing is set in stone :)

Wow, thanks for taking the time to write out that explanation and welcome back!

I see what you mean about if the maps are long and the teams could become unbalanced. I sometimes play on 24/7 ____ servers (or I did more often before) and saw this happening. I'll explain this to people if they ask and/or refer them to this post.

Also, I've been trading a lot this past week (sorry xP), but I won't be doing that as much for a bit, so I'll be around more to help fill up the servers.

Servers Feedback / Re: Admin chat.
« on: April 09, 2012, 07:37:04 PM »
I haven't used the command in some time, but I believe after you typed !request to contact an admin, it tells you about the team_chat @blablabla command to talk to admins privately. This is definitely something we could advertise, as I'm sure few players know about it. We'll consider adding it to the list of ads; we already have quite a long list of text ads in-game, and we don't want to spam our players. Something we've been considering is adding a motd style page that can be accessed with a single text command like: !info It would then open a motd webpage in-game with the list of all the commands we're currently advertising through text ads. That would probably be the best solution.
That sounds like a neat idea.

I haven't used the !request feature in a while either; that's good to know!

Servers Feedback / Map votes.
« on: April 08, 2012, 10:55:57 AM »
Someone suggested to me last night that maybe we could change the order of the maps when the vote pop ups. Instead of having the next map at #4 (or a really popular one), we could have it at the bottom, so that people will be forced to read what they're voting for.

This person said that he doesn't really play in the Hyperion servers because of this (I kind of don't pay attention to this, but he also said because the maps seem shorter). I'm also posting this because I've seen some people make comments like, "Not ______ again" or "it's always the same x maps." As I play pretty often, I feel this way, too.

General Discussion / Re: Story anyone??
« on: April 06, 2012, 11:26:05 AM »
and blinded me

Servers Feedback / Admin chat.
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:42:47 PM »
The !request feature is advertised periodically in chat and I see that now we have the !revote tip added also. I was wondering we could throw another tip in for admin chat (starting a sentence with @ in team chat). I know sometimes people don't want to make their complaints public. Some people will IM me directly if we're already friends, but I don't expect people who are just starting to play in our server to add admins or to even know who they are.

General Discussion / Re: Story anyone??
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:29:05 PM »
Stab stab stab.

General Discussion / Re: Story anyone??
« on: April 03, 2012, 05:34:01 PM »
Bow chicka wow

(I can only do one "wow" -_-)

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