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Complains/Bans / Re: SnoopE running spy script
« on: June 21, 2016, 01:17:26 AM »
Personally I'd agree about the TF2scrips part. There are scripts for trick-stabbing and (one of my own most envied) Rocket-Jumping. These are scripts designed and allowed by Valve. I know it can be frustrating and I also know you can learn about it some more and find out how to up your own game and stay cautious.

This happens a bit to me too! Damn spies, haha! If you just spend some time to learn their tricks, you can know what to expect. If you get too frustrated, just take a little break for a while, read up and come back better armed, then you can show them that you are ready for their tricks!

It can be hard to trap a hacker, if that's what you think is happening. Cheaters have two things happen to them; they get caught or, if they don't, they get bored pretty quickly if people don't respond to their needs for validation (aka feeding the trolls by reacting the way they want you to react by trolling you).

In the end, just remember, this is just a game, its not real life!

General Discussion / Hello!
« on: June 13, 2016, 11:47:42 PM »
Hi, i'm fairly new to Hyperion Gaming servers. I do wish there were more of them, specifically payload servers, since i like that game mode so much! I do enjoy the stat-tracking on HG servers, and i wish i had more HG friends to play TF2 with, honestly.

I'm not much of a forum user, so I feel like i may miss out on many events or fun things, still, i do enjoy playing TF2 and I must say, I've played with quite a few of you online and I am impressed by the dedication and the great skill that many of you possess and I wish I could be as good as the awesome rocket-jumpers i see flying around. Its fun to watch Demomen and Soldiers launching themselves and flying great distances...

Anyways, uhm... i'm still a fan of Quake games, so if you see me trying to execute speed jumps... at least you'll know why i'm hopping around!

Other 'magical' experiences aside, i'm happy that HG gaming is around so i can enjoy my time off of work making games...errr... i mean cooking people... i mean cooking 'food'... <_<; Nevermind... Happy Gaming to ALL!

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