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authority has to be respected or there isnt any use in having any admins at all.
My old server admin team had to review controversial bans like this sometimes, and part of that process was apologizing and reversing them if they were made in the heat of the moment, or if an admin did not enforce the rules fairly. It sucks to do it, but eating crow doesn't kill people. It helps them grow as admins if they are truly paying attention. Being unable to admit the mistake and remove the punishment is a sign of weakness in a leadership team.

Outside of the ban issue - you can't have leaders who threaten people. Not even if they "apologize" when they get caught in multiple video clips. People can have bad days, but leaders can't.

If the police stop you and ask you to do something you dont agree with and you dont think they should ask you to do it, you do it anyway, out of the respect for the authority they have been given and a desire not to get shot and take it up with a higher authority after the fact. If you dont your helping create a bigger problem (like getting shot). We are experiencing the bigger problem Vector helped create when he didnt give that respect by doing what was asked of him by two longstanding admins and taking it up afterwards with a post to these forums or making an appeal directly to Plasma.
Dude, I don't know if you've seen the news in the last 2-3 years, but this police comparison is more spot on that you know...just for the flip side of things. We have had unprecedented civil unrest over being unable to trust the police to police correctly, and being unable to trust their peers to come forward when needed. People have died over this issue. Police have been fired, sued and jailed for not enforcing the laws fairly. When you have proof someone in authority isn't acting in your best interests anymore you cut them out like a cancer. You don't give the cancer a quiet corner to live in and hope it stays to itself.


That being said if vector is unbanned now its going to get worse... vector will be twice as bad as his behavior will be greenlit...

If you're worried about this, I don't think it will be an issue. He has received admin mutes / silences before and hasn't come back as an even bigger, badder monster after that. He has had temp bands before and just been normal Vector afterwards.

i dont think lifting the ban on vector for the week is gonna do much to solve it. Perhaps we should all put our dicks back in our pants and try and work through the week without vector

What lifting the ban signifies is that both sides are sort of wrong here. It's been in place most of the weekend & lifting it before the entire week is over says "hey, you're on notice for this thing, but we acknowledge we sort of overreacted on it too so let's split the difference."

Sorry if me being blunt about my life is too much for. I wasn't talking to you anyway.

What you're doing is called trauma dumping, and it's not ok. If your friends want to hear about your arrest record, your drug problems, your racist past and all of the shit that seems to go wrong on a day to day basis - that's cool. That's what friends are for. They can listen to you and console you and give you advice privately. 15 other people on your team are stuck on a team listening to you when you do it in public on Hyperion, though. If you want us all to just mute you if we don't want to hear you, that should be good enough for dealing with Vector too. I had to mute you a long time ago after a screaming match - true screaming with my headphones tapping out at high volume - over religion between you and Kitty.

If you want to make the server better contribute
Posting to the forums here or speaking with an admin privately is honestly the only way 99% of the server can contribute. Not everyone is made to be an admin, and the job can be hard at times when something controversial happens. This thread might be upsetting or annoying to read, but it's a valid way to reach out over server events. Because the admins are a team and you might know one admin but not know another, unfortunately it's just part of the job to hear about stupid shit another admin may or may not have done.

I hope this ban appeal/complaint gets seen and addressed for a few reasons.

First-  Vector can be loud or exuberant on the server, but he doesn't speak out more than a lot of other regular players do, and he is infinitely more positive when he does speak. He gives gameplay tips and strategies, and he encourages players to do stuff to win or support the team. By contrast, many of the other talkative regulars are such emotion-sucking vampire downers to listen to that you're left with the choice of muting them or slitting your fucking wrists to end your exposure to their personal drama. If the general admin consensus about dealing with the overly-talkative-but-sad players is to use your personal mute to avoid listening to them - it stands to reason that using your personal mute to avoid hearing Vector should be the go-to action, too.

Second - Vector was banned by an admin (Wolfpup) with a strong history of questionable decisions and behavior. Aside from his batshit insane personal history which he's publicly shared with the entire server on more than one occasion, he has no qualms about threatening players or screaming at them over the mic. When I say screaming, I really and truly mean screaming on the microphone. The way he addresses players he doesn't agree with is disrespectful and abhorrent, and I was (& am shocked) an admin is allowed to behave in such a way. When I say that, I am speaking from a place of experience too - I was an admin for the BHS/Slaughterhouse servers for approx.. 5 years, and any admin acting as Wolfpup acts would've been bounced so fast his head would spin. Wolfpup also does almost nothing in the server outside of change the map to Great Heights when he's upset a team wins a round too fast, and you can see that in his sourceban activity page - when compared to other admins, even admins who play less, he has handed out almost no valid bans in years.

So to sum it all up - if personal mutes are the way most of the admin team advises we deal with players we don't want to hear, and the admins themselves use personal mutes to avoid hearing from players - maybe just unban Vector and allow the admins to personally mute him if they don't want to hear him. On a deeper level, though, you have an admin, Wolfpup, running around and *only* handing out bans for players he doesn't like, threatening players he doesn't agree with, and just generally bringing the place down.

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