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Welcome to!

We are currently running 2 Team Fortress 2 32 slot Payload servers and 1 Killing Floor 2 (Early Access) server. The servers are all located in San Jose, California.
You can join us by clicking the following links, or add us to your favorites! | Payload | West Coast [Stats]: IP: | KF2 EA#1 | West Coast: IP:

December 18, 2014, 04:36:02 PM by Plasma
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This year we've decided to follow Valve's example and to change the way we do our bi-yearly giveaways. We'll be holding a big auction, and to participate you guys will need to collect Hyperion Gems by making forum posts at least 1,000 characters long, or playing at least 5 hours straight on our TF2/NS2 servers or by simply donating money. You will be also able to find hidden Hyperion Ducks on the forums and in-game. Each duck is worth 5,152.25 Hyperion Gems.

On December 25th, the first Hyperion Auction will begin, and you can bid your Gems (but you can't bid Ducks... that's inhumane) to maybe win a game that's currently -85% off on Steam. Oh wait, I've just been told by our web team that we need to shut the auction down because people are abusing/cheating the awesome Gems/Ducks system our bored TF2 designers came up with. Well, at least they can go back to work on new maps, game modes and more... Right?
Yes, very sarcastic before the holidays, isn't it? Don't worry, we're not changing a winning formula. As usual, you only need to have a valid forum account (including SteamID), to join our public Steam group and make one post in the giveaway thread linked below. So easy a geico could do it. We've got 14 months of Donor membership and lots of Steam games for you guys. And as usual a big Grand Mystery Prize on January 1st. We're activating our Bonus Round challenge once again: this time we need 60 participants by December 31st to add a 2nd GMP!

To participate, please follow this link: and make sure you read the giveaway rules carefully. The winners will be picked randomly from the giveaway thread from December 25th to January 1st for the Grand Prize. You may register for the giveaway at any time December 31st at midnight Pacific Time.

Do not post in this thread! The giveaway thread is here:
Good luck! and Happy Holidays! :)
July 03, 2014, 12:47:30 PM by Plasma
Views: 27952 | Comments: 13


You guys should know the drill by now!
The Summer Steam sales are over, which means we here at need to pick up the slack, and actually give out free games. No complicated bullshit like pink, purple, red teams crafting badges to earn points to maaaaybe have a 0.0001% chance to win 1-3 games. Nope!

During the Winter 2013 giveaway, we offered 9 months of Donor membership + 9 games (excluding Grand Prizes). This time, we're taking things up a notch as we'll be giving away a full year of Donor membership! That's right. From Monday, July 14th to Saturday, July 19th, we'll pick two random winners instead of one! As usual, a prize consists of 1 month of Donor membership plus a random game. Try to beat that, Gabe!

Of course, we don't stop there. On July 20th, we'll have one final drawing to determine who will be the lucky Grand Prize winner. The Bonus round is also making a comeback: if there are more than 50 participants by July 19th at 11:59PM PST, we'll add another Grand Prize for the next day, so make sure to tell all your friends!

To participate, please follow this link: and make sure you read the giveaway rules carefully. The winners will be picked randomly from the giveaway thread from July 14th to July 20th for the Grand Prize. You may register for the giveaway at any time until July 19th at midnight Pacific Time.

Do not post in this thread! The giveaway thread is here:
Good luck! :)
February 10, 2014, 12:21:55 PM by Plasma
Views: 22510 | Comments: 1


You guys know we love giveaways. We have weekly giveaways, Summer/Winter giveaways, and surprise giveaways like this one thanks to Fernplant. Here goes:

Fern is giving away a copy of Assassin's Creed 4, the Pirate/Assassin game, which I hear is 1,000 times better than AC3 and its emotionless protagonist Connor. But a good giveaway also needs Tier 2 prizes, right?

Here's the full prize list:

Tier 1: Grand Winner
1). Fern's personal copy of Assassin's Creed 4: Ninja Pirate Thief. You even get to talk to him privately to claim your copy*. Now, that's cool! (*May not actually happen.  :P)
2). One month of Donor membership! Already a donor? Fear not, it will simply extend your membership!

Tier 2: 3 prizes
1). One month of Donor membership.
2). One Steam game/key.

How to enter the giveaway:
It's easy! Click this link: and make sure to read the rules! Good luck! :)
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