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you banned him because you dont like him

You are welcome to your opinion, even if it is wrong.

Have I said I hate when he screams into the mic, the same thing repeatedly? Yup, you are damned straight! But one does not equate the other. ;)

While I am emphatic when I play

so I totally feel like they are bullying me.


Are you Conservative? Cause you are taking one right out of their playbook! 'gets held accountable, then plays the victim'

...his friends and he tell me not to talk, and then talk shit about me. When I do speak up about the way they are treating me, a few times I have been banned.

Whitewash much?

We ask you to stop SCREAMING INTO THE MIC, the same sentence over and over and over and over and over! You "speaking up for yourself" sure sounds like telling us to "fuck off" and "shut the fuck up" and the like.

I pay my monthly fee and have been playing on this server for several years

It doesn't give you the right to do the aforementioned

Enforcer is maybe on here for 3 or 4 years and like I have pointed out, he doesnt like when I talk and his friends agree (trinsic and wolfpup-mostly), so I totally feel like they are bullying me.

Nice terminology. We have both told you repeatedly we have no issue with you talking! We do have issue with you screaming what basically equates to mic spamming!

Did your parents ever hold you accountable for your actions growing up? Because it sure doesn't seem so. Or they did and you decided to just throw their good parenting in their face for internet lolz. We simply hold you to account for your screaming and yelling. But yeah, let's call it bullying.

I will report this type of behaviour to Steam if they continue to abuse this admin previlage on TF2 or any other game, not cool.

They will simply point you to do what you are doing here, bring it to the owners attention and take it up with them.

I have dozens of friends playing on this server and I will petition them to boycott Hyperion because of abusive treament.

One mans accountability is another mans abuse I guess. It would be a crying shame rather than you manning up, stopping screaming the same shit over and over in game and we all carry on fragging each other in game. Punishing Plasma because you can't follow the rules seems wrong, no? Same question to his friends? I know several of you don't like me, that's fine, but to act like what he does is ok just to take a stable at me, not cool.
No one else complains about my speaking during gameplay

Oh I beg to differ. (And you spelled "screaming" wrong.) Maybe your to busy screaming "Up the left team Up the left everybody we're going up the left come on people up the left" to hear them, maybe?

Individual players can mute if they don't want to hear me talk, but these guys have gone too far.

Yes, they do. I am not an individual, I am an admin so I have to be able to respond to any request without having to go in an un-mute players to do so.

And again, I have told you several times I have no issue with you talking game talk like the rest of the people do, it the repetitive screaming we have issue with! But you play the victim.


Let's start right there....and Vector thinks I have person feelings in this?

Wolfcunt was threated to ban me by speaking out for Vector when I messaged Enforcer.

Yes, yes I did, and was I wrong? Why yes I was. I do apologize to you and Zed but I'm at the end of my rope with Vector, and I'm not alone. (See Vector, that's how you own up to something you've done wrong, you apologize and endeavour not to do it again.) So the last think I need to hear is people trying to make me out like the bad guy here when Vector has had ample verbal warnings, temp mic bans, and lets be clear here, this, my first time EVER banning Vector!! ...for a week. And this is over months, and months! It can not be argued he was not given ample warnings, dare I say more than some would have received. (Partially because I knew this here thread was the exact outcome I was trying to avoid. We all know there are lines in the sand drawn!) Now he has to man up, deal with the consequences of his actions and in a weeks time he can come play again. Hopefully learning something in that time. You act like he's been IP banned or something!

I told Enforcer it is not fair to Vector he could have just muted him and play the game.

After everything I've typed previously, please do share how this is "not fare"?

I had the same shit happen tonight.  Apparently, if you disagree with an admin now they can say you're personally "targeting" them, but I'm not targeting you because of who you are, I'm targeting you because of your role as admin and the decisions you make.  How am I a bully for speaking against admins?  You can't have it both ways.

Who claimed you were personally targeting them???

I got autobalanced and the instant I hit the other team wolfpup started going in on me for being sniper.  I ended up leaving and playing a different game because he just wouldn't accept that I just got autobalanced. 

Says the guy who takes any comment, not even directed at him at times as personal! I was making the whole team aware we don't need more that 2 snipers. I didn't even know you were auto-balanced nor playing sniper but you assumed it was directed solely at you. It had nothing to do with accepting you were auto-balanced. Another victim.

I started playing here because I saw all the chevrons from slaughterhouse people, but it's really becoming a weird dramatic place and not so fun.

I understand that since I made my other post that I've been placed on a list by enforcer and wolfpup of people who have complained.  If it's really like that on this server, just ban people and don't be all dramatic.

You should hear the things people say about you, you apparently bring some of the weird drama yourself! But right, you are the victim because you read more into something than was implied. My bad.

LMFAO! What list? I didn't give 2 shit's one way or another about it......when I read it only recently!!! Again, you have perceived some slight were there was none.

I know Vector can be loud and annoying but this doesn't seem like a bannable issue.

What would you do, after he has been muted MANY times in the past, asked nicely to please stop, just for him to start right back up if not the next day. Then more recently just telling us to shut the fuck up and fuck off.

Obviously the soft approach has failed. So, what would you do, seriously, what is left to try? And again, it's for 7 days.....SEVEN DAYS. You'd think I was looking to string him up or something.

Wolfpup has a right to be frustrated but to flip out like that to cowking and threaten a ban when he hasn't broken any rule? cmon

And as mentioned you are correct, I shouldn't have done it no questions!

A few months back when you had the choice to join a team, it would always be certain players on one team, certain players on the other.

And here is were part of this whole thing started to go south, IMO. I've always been open and honest with my opinion about the auto-join, I'm not a fan. Beforehand, it was understood "Blu" team didn't care about Vector's screaming, if they did they just muted him and they prefer to not talk as much other than in game call outs. Those of us on "Red" team prefer not to hear it, and like to talk outside game stuff. Some on Blu don't like to play Red because, and visa versa for the opposite reasons.

So with the auto-scramble people are forced to play with people they'd rather not, or don't get to play with their friends like before.

Hes tolerable now.

Even often fun.

But, anyone has the option to mute him.

He can be from time to time yes, I would agree.

It's been known to happen.

See previous statement on this!

Wolfpup is a team killer. A year or so ago we opened on a map and 9 seconds into the map, sawmill I believe, wolfpup was perma healing (ATTACHED and never breaks from enforcer)

Please, tell me I've never said out loud that I try and over-heal everyone around me because it increases MY survivability. Do I pocket Enforcer a lot? Yup, because he's proven time and time again I can count on him to accomplish something unlike others. Do I only uber him, at time, but ask the others who I trust to uber if I never pocket for them.

Wolfpup will often demand that the team plays 3 engies and 3 medics and if the team doesnt, he'll then start complaining how we're going to lose and about his back. Who are you to tell others what to play? what makes you qualified? Its a 15 year old F2P non comp game.

Well after all these years playing, yes, 3 engies and 3 medics tend to help red hold the objective better than with less. Are there times we do fine with less? Sure! But I'd hazard a good guess more often than not 3+3 wins out more often than not 3+3. I bet it's been the reason a steam roll has been squashed, quite often by me asking people to fill the rolls in this TEAM based game.

...usually to make him feel better about himself

or to enhance his game play

Lol, you got me.

What, you mean like help me to survive so I can continue to heal, and over-heal everyone around me? The nerve eh? How dare I request my team support their medics! (Engies give us a front line to fall back to and medics obviously help in staying alive, it aint rocket science.

I think the bottom line is that this ban is totally unjustified since its on the premise of one admin being mad at a donor for taking the spotlight away from them since it meant that they themselves couldn't unload their own personal baggage and get sympathy from the rest of the server. In the end we get Vector being banned for a week so an admin can feel better about themselves.

I'll start by saying sorry to you for threatening to ban you. I was wrong! They were idol threats BTW. (The old Zed would have known that.)

Damn, you guys are good. You have me all figured out now don't'cha.

Yet someone else with the "personal feelings" I supposedly was using. At least be a creative troll if you are going to troll.

I would 100% rather listen to a player talk about the game, even if it is rambling and incoherent at times (lol), than listen to someone drone on and on about their own personal problems with drugs and painkillers and grievances with other players. The server is not your personal therapy session. Please find help elsewhere.

Like Vector, you spelled "scream" wrong. ;)

Sorry, does me having friends, to whom the comments are directed offend you for some reason? You can always mute me, like others keep suggesting in this thread. So Zed, I'm the same I've always been. I've always talked with Enforcer, Colo, Reggie, in game. Why now is it an issue?

So for the record I like playing with Vector. And I dont think it should be a banable offense. Maybe a temp voice mute. The problem I have is with the volume of voice traffic he is sending. Most of it repetitive which is good to get the team motivated. But in my judgement not very helpful from a tactical perspective.

So, I put it to you as well, after many temp comm bans, asking him nicely, then demanding it of him he stop, to no avail, what would you do?

I hope this ban appeal/complaint gets seen and addressed for a few reasons.

First-  Vector can be loud or exuberant on the server, but he doesn't speak out more than a lot of other regular players do,

and he is infinitely more positive when he does speak. He gives gameplay tips and strategies, and he encourages players to do stuff to win or support the team.

If he spoke, it wouldn't be an issue. ;)

Repeating the same thing over and over at the top of your lungs, even if game tips is not positive or helpful.

it stands to reason that using your personal mute to avoid hearing Vector should be the go-to action, too.


Second - Vector was banned by an admin (Wolfpup) with a strong history of questionable decisions and behavior.

Do share

Aside from his batshit insane personal history which he's publicly shared with the entire server on more than one occasion,

he has no qualms about threatening players or screaming at them over the mic.

Sorry if me being blunt about my life is too much for. I wasn't talking to you anyway.

You make it like I do it on a daily basis. Who do I threaten, and with what? (Other than last night seeing I already addressed it.)

I'm fine with whatever Plasma wants to do but some of you are outright LYING in this thread! If you don't like me, fine, mute me, but don't let your "personal feelings" make you lie just because you don't like me or my decisions.

General Discussion / Re: VOTE: Favorite PL Map(s) to play
« on: March 09, 2019, 03:17:44 PM »
Thanks to everyone who heeded the call.

Sorry if you got multiple messages from both Enforcer and I. We didn't compare notes, just spammed our friends lists.

Thanks again. :)

General Discussion / Re: Pretty Cool Nerf TF2 Mashup
« on: December 13, 2017, 06:02:14 PM »
More power to you if you can pull this off! I know I can't. What's your second favorite class?

Tied for first are sniper then D-bag scoot. D-bag scoot gives me more laughs and pleasure these days. Though Valve went and fucked up my original fun somewhat. I just need to get used to playing with the changes. Not a fan of "sticky feet" after Atomic Punch wears off. No self damage on the triple jump is nice.

Payload Server / Re: Bots
« on: August 05, 2016, 10:36:11 AM »
As someone who has sat, and will sit on the server at times (spamming friends list with invites) trying to fill it, I'd like to see them go.

It wouldn't be so bad if people wouldn't all stack one team leaving 2 real people and the rest bots on the other. It happened when I was on the other day and one team was all real people, and the other was as previously stated. I saw/heard people complain, then simply leave. Frankly, I got tired of it too after I (sarcastically) mentioned it, and nobody did anything to fix it by switching. So I just left myself. It was nothing short of a slaughter tilted to the real player team. Obviously. 

If the system was (is?) smart enough to force even amounts of real players and bots on both teams it wouldn't be so bad. I could probably live with that. As is, by my experience the other day, I can just see the same thing being repeated over time. Not much fun for "team bot" players. I'd rather just practice rocket jumping or sit idle until others join. Normally the regulars just screw around until it's 6v6, then we play.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

General Discussion / Re: How to join server
« on: July 07, 2016, 06:26:56 PM »
I use option 2:

Works every time.

General Discussion / Re: Pretty Cool Nerf TF2 Mashup
« on: May 26, 2016, 03:40:05 PM »
I push the cart as sniper all the time. I'm not one of these pussies that hide at the back of the map....scoped in.....*cough*Ataris*hack wheeze*....*poke poke* :P Ok, it takes a good team for that so I do sometimes resort to having to stand back some, but only when forced to! I much prefer "front line quick scope sniping"!! It requires, ya know, skill...Ataris.....(For all those silly

Payload Server / Re: New maps
« on: March 26, 2016, 08:58:22 AM »
I'd about kill for any new maps at this point.

Payload Server / Re: Please do something about the stacking.
« on: October 18, 2015, 06:52:32 AM »
Just my opinion but I'm a believer in there is no stacking, there is simply try and don't try.

I've been playing this game with a lot of the regulars for years. (Starting elsewhere then moving here.) Most days I know 90% of the players on the server. I've seen teams with really good players get rolled. It's usually because half the team decides a majority of classes being snipers; spies and scoots are great for accomplishing goals...yeah, OK.

When a team is getting rolled, look at the class page. I bet there is a whole lot of "Me-Fortess" going on. 4 snipers, 3 spies, 2+ scoots, 1 or no medics. And people wonder why they get rolled/don't accomplish anything.

I admit it, I "stack". I've always preferred red, same with a lot of the people I have been playing with for years. At this late stage of TF2's life, I play more for the people than the game. So of course I'll join a team with particular people on it. The ones that make it bearable. Seeing Valve, in my opinion, has "ruined" TF2. It's not the game I bought and loved years ago. (Yes, I paid for it, so I have a right to complain about Valve changing it from a FPS to a CFS....Cluster F*** Shooter!!!)

Ok, I know, from a business standpoint what Valve did was genius, but from a players perspective, too much BS added to this game. I don't find it fun. Especially on a 32 slot server.

As you say, there are some pretty damned skilled players on the server. Generally it's a good mix on both sides. It's just a case of if people are actually trying or screwing around.

I recall recently someone claimed we stacked red before the round even started. Blu wiped the floor with our corpses in short order....and we were the "stacked" team? I simply looked at the class board and it was all evident why. Yup, try vs don't try!

Payload Server / Re: New Vote System
« on: October 16, 2015, 10:13:52 PM »
My only suggestion (so far) is if it can be changed to use the F keys instead of the number keys.

Payload Server / Re: map vote broken?
« on: September 14, 2015, 01:13:42 PM »
Ok, Plasma updated the server and hopefully that will be that.

I probably wont be on today to see for myself as I have to go stay with my friends kids while they're away overnight. If it still appears to not work I'd appreciate it if someone could post here.

Thanks folks. :)

Payload Server / Re: map vote broken?
« on: September 13, 2015, 07:34:24 AM »
Yeah the last update screwed up the map voting system. Plasma knows and hopefully there will be a fix soon. (Not sure if it's a fix from his end or Valve's but I'll assume Valves.)

Servers Feedback / Re: Custom Maps/Additional Maps on the Payload Server
« on: August 04, 2015, 12:28:55 PM »
we still run into the problem of the voting threshold being too high (and then we run into the problem that enough people

The high threshold is to try and keep new people/donors who want to/pay to play Badwater/Goldrush appeased somewhat. We have had people complain that they come for Batewater/Goldrush then we go and change it. I can understand the frustration but we also need to keep the regulars/donors who are bored with these maps happy. It's kind of a fine line we are walking here. We don't want to chase anyone away, but we also don't want people to leave from pure boredom in map options. So I figured if we raised the win limit (I like 70%) it's a little more overwhelmingly wanted, we will piss less people off.

Valve needs learn when to leave alone and stop crippling their own game. They are making it harder and harder for the little guy, being us, to make it. They want all traffic on their servers. Their servers get all the fluff. They place limits on quickplay, in their favour not allowing us to, say, remove random critz because it will break quickplay. (And we need the new players to keep the community going.) They wont remove them officially either, when we all know they are not needed. Sure, back before they added all these weapons/etc to add mini-critz/buffs/etc they made sense. They no longer do though! But....we all know....(You know what's coming)...VALVE SUCKS! I know, my same old piddling and moaning, but it's true! :P

Sorry. I woke up in pain this morning thus in a bad mood.....I needed to rant a bit. Valves always a good target.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourselves
« on: April 25, 2015, 07:48:20 AM »
I was glad to see you on last night. More so to see you enjoyed yourself. :)

Welcome to our dysfunctional family one and all.

General Discussion / Re: KICK AFK DONORS IN SPEC
« on: April 13, 2015, 11:45:13 AM »
I don't make the decisions but I'd agree this is something we should look into.

I think 15-20 minutes should be plenty of time to do what needs doing. (Piss, smoke, whatever.) Anything beyond that and you are just crippling a team by 1+. (That 1+ player can make all the difference when it's full of regs/good players.)


Oh yeah, and we have had at least 1 person come on in the last week just to be a d-bag by not doing anything, wasting a slot. I finally kicked them when the team started to complain after asking them to try, and they didn't. (Right after they said "If I don't get kicked for this... LMAO" kinda comment. So I did.)

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