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im not going to justify anything because i don't have to my one and only word on this is simple and its this.  Its a pity that people are so fast to whine but wont contribute.  Ive done more for the server than half of you put together so don't drag me into shit.  I have heard the same bullshit criticism about all the other admins (new and old) as well, changing the map, scrambling the teams blah blah.  I received the same criticize for banning wagz for map exploitation and banning build nye for spraying animal porn on the server both refused to stop it after months of warnings i finally had had enough (as wolfpup had the other night).

  Everyone on here is doing the best they can to keep things running and everyone is only human.  If that isnt not good enough TOO FUCKING BAD.  If plasma wants to remove me from this admin im happy to move to another server.....but until he does so im going to support the people that are trying to keep the server alive for everyone.  I will listen to peoples opinions and we have changed a lot of the server to try and make it better but that doesn't mean im going to do what everyone wants.  If you want to make the server better contribute DON'T WHINE and don't message me whining about admins decisions "Enzo's done this" and "Big Caulk has done this" blah blah

To put the whole thing is perspective which most of you people are conveniently avoiding.  Vector has 50 com bans why don't one of you go to oparh's and scream into the mike for 3 hours drunken and belligerent and refuse to tone it down when asked reasonably and be abusive to the admins there and see how long it is before you are banned or indeed on any other server.  Everyone is human and we all have different limits because i have tolerated his drunken arrogant bullshit for years doesn't mean everyone is going to. 

Dont bother responding to this post as i wont be posting anything more about it Im not required to justify anything in life or in the game its already 10 minutes of my life i can't get back.  Deal with it

Complains/Bans / Re: Spoofy Griefing
« on: December 28, 2015, 04:17:57 PM »
ok i agree i have herd him atacking lego personlly and i find it very grating.  what we did with junk shot is perminatly muted him. that could be and option i have kicked him a few times for the name changing thing and warned him and kicked  him.  the perminat mute thing after a warning may work then he can still play without trolling the women on the server because its not just lego that gets it.  ill talk to plasma about it

after plasma exhaustively going though the the log it appears that it may be a server glitch related to that map vote not working properly either.  There no need to go into a drawn out explanation suffice to say that plasma is gonna update tomorrow so it should all be working well.  He also said that you shouldn't have an issue connecting.  When you get this you should try connection and message  him if there is and issue but he seems to think there no trace of the vote ban so it should be a problem.  Very very odd issue.  Anyway I hope ill see you on line tomorrow
talk soon

hi Ataris
I sent you a message earler but you had gone.  I thought it was me that acc8idently kicked you but i don't think it was.  Plasma checked it i think that you got caught up in a vector alpha vote ban it seems you were kicked by accident.  I think i missed it in any case it was only 30 minutes.  My apologies i think it was mistaken identity we trying to find out who initiated the vote.  Let me know if you have an issue reconnecting it should be fine though.   
see you on line tomorrow
kind regards

Full Rotation Server / Re: A solution for the second server
« on: November 30, 2014, 02:09:31 PM »
well a full rotation server would be a very nice thing as i have been mentioning it for a long time as number 2 is doing nothing i dont think we could loose anything
my 2 cents worth

Payload Server / Re: Why Even Have a Vote?
« on: November 19, 2014, 05:24:29 PM »
yea its not that easy i have constant requests and people complaining about bad water and gold rush from regulars.  I only change the map when 6 or 7 peopel call for it and we have palyed the same maps for hours and non of the new ones are showing up.  I would be happy calling for a vote on certain maps but i dont have that power atm nominate would be another good option.  And really the voting system does need some adjustments as gold rush and badwater come up far far to often so often that i field complaints about the new maps not coming up on sometimes and hourly basis

Servers Feedback / Re: Affiliating my own server with Hyperion
« on: September 23, 2014, 01:42:28 PM »
hi fila
sounds like a plan i have forwarded the link on to plasma lets see what everyone says

Complains/Bans / Re: Outback Jack/Drunk Uncle recently banned
« on: August 25, 2014, 04:56:06 PM »
thanks dave

Complains/Bans / Re: Outback Jack/Drunk Uncle recently banned
« on: August 25, 2014, 02:56:21 PM »
hi drunk
I didn't instigate the ban (it was teh constant complaints from regulars and the posts) i don't have that power its basically up to Dave but like wolf pup i didn't have any idea that you were part of that group i have 300 people + on my friends list so i i don't keep track of changing names and i had deleted you instead of checking your other names as i was going to leave if the shit kept flying and i didn't want them following me.  I had so many complaints coming though to my steam friends list that id had enough.  I agree with wolf pup we have played together for years on this server with no issues.  I think you got caught up in the shit with all the changing names and the team stacking and just general griefing trolling etc etc that has been going on for a few months now.  I hope Dave lifts your ban we want to encourage donators and fair play and a community spirit

 Let me just add the others deserved the ban as did jamdingo when it happened.  If its not apparent by now I will reiterate, trolling, stacking, griefing and general douche bagery wont be tolerated by anyone period and its the admins job to enforce it which we will

General Discussion / Re: Merging modes/mix mode
« on: August 12, 2014, 07:55:25 PM »
yea i am in full agreement a normal map rotation with the same voting system that you have on the cp server now is a go.  we end up playing the same maps over and over and maybe a full rotation would help and attract other player I have mentioned this a few times (may be harder to do bit its worth a shot we have a server that is empty all the time anyway)
my 2 cents worth
talk soon

Payload Server / Re: New Paylod Map
« on: June 01, 2014, 02:47:13 PM »
ok I know i don't spend much time trawling the forum but after many 100s of hours of playing here i am ready to suggest a few new maps:
dust-bowl payload (easy to find on the net)

night fall and pipeline

the dust-bowl one is really fun as is night fall pipeline would be something different just need the regulars to stick with it as it can be fun

just my opinion feel free to disagree :-)


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