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« on: October 09, 2014, 10:22:34 PM »
Let me start off with the fact that this server is awesome, great community (for the most part), good players and a respectable response server.

However (as you knew it was coming) could we please add additional maps to the server.  Obviously there is a great animus with GoldRush and Dust Bowl as heard on the forums and in game.  Yet to have Upward and Frontier continuing to be the dominate option in almost every map vote, if nothing else, simply degrades the caliber of enjoyment on the server.  Most voting in the ability to avoid GR and DB, simply opt for anything other than these maps and with Frontier and Upward being the most common options are usually chosen.  I have been on and seen Upward chosen every other game, 5 times, with other maps ie Deadwood or others rarely listed as options.  There have been many PL maps in the past that are a sheer blast that I wish could be added.  I cant find a reasonable search to be able to list some of those maps (sorry) that I have played on TF2 in the past, but sure wish we could mix it up.  I would opt for eliminating the map vote, with a continuous rotation of what is currently in the mix (including GR and DB if nothing more than to keep it new), to avoid playing some of the same maps over and over again.  You may say that if they are being selected that frequently that they must be the preferred choice of all players, i believe it is for nothing more than the other maps listed with UW and Frontier have become so uncommon that the 2 other options are not familiar to many of the players online.  To have the same sentry locations, the same Kritz spam choke points, and insane short circuit engie strongholds, many of these maps are so repetitive and so common that it becomes so unbearably mundane!  Many times I have seen the map vote fall for GR or DB, and it will still revert to Upward or Frontier.

I have to believe that if the forums even listed a new map a week or month, with the ability to vote out some, and opt in for others, that most would enjoy mixing it up for the sanity of all who play on a steady basis.  The unfamiliarity would greatly decrease the same old heavily defended and impenetrable areas of the map that the same ole same ole familiar maps afford. 

If nothing else a donor map forum vote that gives additional maps, i would expect,  would be welcome by all.

Thank you for your consideration! 
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