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Donation Information Thread
« on: February 08, 2012, 07:26:49 PM »
1. Introduction

Donations are essential for keeping the servers, stats, and website up, which cost $100+ a month.

2. Benefits of Donating

As a donator, you receive the following:

  O — Benefits on Payload and Full Rotation servers.
  O — Reserved Slot.
  O — Connect to a reserved slot from any of our servers using the /server command:


  O — Immunity to Auto-Balance.
  O — Immunity to AFK Kicker.
  O — Immunity to High Ping Kicker.
  O — Exclusive "HG" Chat Tag:

  O — Includes VM Benefits (ability to spray)

3. How to Donate and Receive Benefits

Follow the instructions below to donate and receive benefits:

   1.  First, find your SteamID. You can find your SteamID in one of three ways:
1) —  In-game, press ~ (tilde) to open the Console, and enter the command status . Locate your name, and next to it you will see your SteamID. For example, [U:1:XXXXXX]. If your Console is disabled, open the Options window on the TF2 Main Window. In the Keyboard tab, click the Advanced button, and check "Enable Developer Console".
2) —  Search our GameME Stats page for your name. Your SteamID is under the "Unique ID" column.
3) —  Use the SteamID Finder
   2.  Add your SteamID to your profile (click here to edit to your profile, and look for the "Donator Steam ID" at the very bottom. Ignore the one named "Steam ID").
   3.  Visit the Donation Center and send a donation
After your donation is received, allow up to 1 day for us to process it, and then you will receive benefits.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

   1.  What are the donation payment options?

Amounts of $5, $10, $15, and more are accepted. You will receive 30 days of benefits per $5 donated.

   2.  How many servers do I get benefits on?

A donation will grant you benefits on Payload and Full Rotation servers!

   3.  How soon after donating will I receive benefits?

Currently we manually process completed donations, so expect up to 1 day to receive benefits.

   4.  How do I renew my donation?

Submit another donation and time will be added to your donation period.

   5.  Help! I donated but have not received any benefits. What do I do?

Contact Dave or Plasma for assistance.

5. Additional information

After donating, if your tag appears as two green boxes, you need to download the East Asian Font pack. Follow the instructions in the link below to download the East Asian Font Pack:

To install East Asian language files on your computer

6. Terms of Service

   1.  Abuse of donor privileges can lead to a warning and or temporary/permanent ban from ALL of our servers.
   2.  Refunds will not be granted for any reason except in cases of accidental double payment.
   3.  We can amend or modify these terms of service at our sole discretion. All users will be bound by any such amendment or modification through continued use of our service.
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