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Servers Feedback / Re: Trolls
« on: May 04, 2014, 09:37:48 PM »
Hey guys,

Play on Hyperion quite a bit I should have signed up sooner, but you know.... Lazy me.

I concur, I just got asked "do you mind if I comm". Being polite I said "sure". Hopped out only to see my name still in the comm chair, then all the IP's get recycled by the troll. They change name back to whatever alias they are using and screamed at everyone that I sold the IP's which of course resulted in a kick. There are two particular players who do this (American/Canadian accents...I can't tell the difference being a foreigner) on a regular basis. I know them by voice only.

I see you have mentioned the command 'sh_status' I use 'sv_status'. Not sure if both work or it's a typo. Just to note folks, the logfile for your last game is saved to: %APPDATA%\Natural Selection 2\ to access it you need to close NS2 down otherwise it's in use by the game. Please note as soon as start the game up again the log file is wiped.

I will be keeping an eye on this and report anyone I can.

Finally, thanks for the fine server, I get a 240ms ping to it from Aus but is one of my preferred places to play.


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